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Food Industry Consultant

Let’s work together?

If you think the TapasTranslated editorial line is accordant with your brand, product or company, I would love to create unique and creative content to make your project, campaign or product known to my followers.

At TapasTranslated, I am passionate about generating original content, taking care of the images and the design of each publication with themes that revolve around the gastronomy, decoration and lifestyle. TapasTranslated is a place of meeting, inspiration and creative food aimed at people who love to enjoy life around the table.

The Audience of TapasTranslated

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Twitter: 6,485

Instagram: 7,148

I offer several ways to collaborate:

  • Events: host events, beer and wine tastings
  • Creation of dishes: original recipes for various uses
  • Sponsored Post: A blog entry with unique content, with photos or video.
  • Publication in Social Networks of some of your products or services, with a brief review. Or spread a story or campaign.
  • Content for your channels: a story, pictures, moments of consumption or video.
  • Factory of ideas: creation of concepts, namings, hashtags and claims.